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The Docker image can be run using Docker for Windows, and it also works on macOS, including M1 Macs, since Frédéric uploaded an arm64 image as well. Note that the framac/frama-c- gui image only exists for amd64; it has nevertheless been tested on both Linux and Windows.

Via the Dockerfile referenced in Digikam on Mac OS/X or how to use docker to run a graphical app on Mac OS/X I tracked down linuxserver/dockergui, a Docker image that "makes it possible to use any X application on a headless server through a modern web browser such as chrome".

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This provides multiple features and options to explore on building, monitoring docker container. As explained this is very light weight tool, so doesn't add any overload to host system. Next set-of options will be explored in part-2 of this series. Read Also: Monitor and Manage Docker Containers with Portainer.io (GUI tool) - Part-2.

Rclone is free, opensource software that lets you copy between cloud storage without using local bandwidth. In my experience, it copies between Dropbox and Google Drive at about 4Mbit/s. Recently a web GUI was added and an official docker container. xattr -d com.apple.quarantine rclone Install with docker . The >rclone</b> maintains a <b>docker</b> image.

Aug 31, 2017 · Docker-baseimage-gui. Offers several container images that are preconfigured to make it easy to run a GUI app using Docker and X11 forwarding. x11docker: A handy tool for configuring and running GUI apps with Docker. X11docker is mainly designed to be used from the command line, but it also offers a GUI interface of its own..

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